Friday, 8 August 2014

Birthday buns (buns that you eat, not the other kind)

It was my birthday on Sunday, so we started celebrating early and went for dinner on Friday. We went somewhere that has been on my list for a while...Flesh & Buns.

It's a Japanese place (by the same guys that do incredible ramen at Bone Daddies) just off Seven Dials in Covent Garden, where you get...Can you guess?...Guessed yet?...Wrong! You get flesh and buns! (Honestly, how did you not get that?!)

Sounds a  bit dodgy, but it's actually an excellent concept. You order some steamed buns each, choose a fleshy filling from steak, duck, chicken, pork and fish, which all come with their own delicious sauces and a bowl of salad, and then stuff your bun as full as you possibly can and struggle to get your mouth around it! It's a lot of fun, unlike anywhere I've been before and decently priced.

They have loads of starters too, we had spicy korean chicken wings and deep fried softshell crab.

Look at Tom impatiently clenching his fists! 

I've never had softshell crab before and it didn't click until it arrived at the table that it is very aptly named and is actually a crab with a soft shell, so you can eat the whole thing, shell and all. Look!

Not the most attractive thing in the world, but really tasty, especially smothered in jalapeno mayo.

For our mains we shared the crispy piglet belly with mustard miso and pickled apple, and the salmon teriyaki with lemon, sea salt and pickled cucumber, both of which were incredibly good. The buns are soft and fluffy and a little bit sweet, which is all perfectly offset by the saltiness of the fillings and crunchiness of the salad.

For dessert you can stick with the DIY theme and get s'mores...

They bring you a little coal burner, a couple of huge marshmallows, tiles of matcha tea-flavoured white chocolate and rectangular biscuits, and leave you to it.

By the end I was happily covered in korean sauce, teriyaki glaze, melted marshmallow and chocolate and black sugar custard (escaped donut filling). Don't worry though, they bring you towels so we left clean and full and very impressed. It's a great place to go if you're looking for something a little bit different.

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