Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Mantanani Island

Are you ready for the last ever Borneo post?! How are you going to cope without them?

Everything we had done so far took place over a single week, so as happy as we were to be there, you can imagine that we were also pretty tired (even though scuba diving seems like just a lot of floating around and waving at fish, it actually burns about the same amount of energy as running!).

So for our last week we planned to do lots of nothing at all on a stunning, secluded island.

 photo DSC021802_zpsee53d619.jpg

Pulau Mantanai Besar is about a two-hour drive and a 45-minute speed boat trip from KK. There are only a few accommodation options, and Mari Mari Backpackers Lodge came the most highly recommended.

 photo DSC021222_zpsc228f343.jpg

I wasn't quite sure what to expect but there was no need to have worried, it's a fantastic little resort. There isn't all that much to it, just an open air reception, kitchen and dining area, rooms in the form of sulaps (traditional wooden huts on stilts) dotted about the sandy ground, a hammock here and there and a few shady decks on the beach.

The sulaps were lovely, small and simple but clean and very cosy. Here's ours.

 photo DSC019492_zpsffaf7dc5.jpg

And we were only a few metres from the beach, which was beautiful beyond words (so here are some pictures instead).

 photo DSC019602_zpsb45bd3ad.jpg

 photo DSC019622_zps01280e70.jpg

The best bit was that there was nothing to do all day but sunbathe, read, have a paddle, eat, nap, swing in the hammocks, nap again, eat some more, maybe do a spot of light snorkelling, or take the kayak out for a bob around, watch the sun set, eat again, sleep etc etc.

 photo DSC020962_zps377a1616.jpg

 photo DSC021232_zps83ea1a3f.jpg

 photo DSC019812_zps34d44922.jpg

Had to occasionally fight the cows for the sun decks, but it's not like we couldn't do with the exercise.

 photo DSC020492_zpscfbca0c3.jpg

Whenever I had energy for slightly more than snoozing on the sand, I'd wander along the shore looking for beach creatures.

 photo DSC021272_zps062513fc.jpg

 photo P10801022_zps9a5b15fc.jpg

 photo P10801892_zpse8e83330.jpg

On one of the days a guy selling freshly caught fish came up to us in his boat. We haggled for a couple, took them live to the kitchen and had the most amazing lunch.

 photo DSC022312_zpsba1ff53a.jpg

Can you see that cheeky cat there, trying not to be noticeable, just waiting for us to look away?

 photo P10800902_zpsa157c196.jpg

I was worried about the weather because we were there in the rainy season, but it couldn't have been better. Weirdly, every evening you could see storm clouds form over the mainland, swiftly followed by thunder and lightning, but it never came as far as our little island.

We were there for three nights and I could easily have stayed longer, but we had to get back to KK for our flight home.

Still not having had our fill of being lazy and indulgent, we spent our last night in the Shangri-La's Tunjung Aru Resort & Spa. It was delightful to be so well looked after right at the end of our trip, a great way to ease the rising panic we were both experiencing at the thought of rejoining the real world.

Our room was gorgeous and filled with anything you might ever need, from slippers to stationery.

 photo DSC023222_zps1f1b14dc.jpg

And the bath, which overlooked the sea, was HUGE!

 photo DSC023782_zps67073484.jpg

Tom's actually underneath all of that somewhere...(not really! But he could have been, it was THAT deep).

We went for the buffet at dinner, which meant there was an almost intimidating number of dishes to choose from that never seemed to run out.

 photo DSC024272_zpsc01c9f39.jpg

(Plate one of three)

I sneakily mentioned when booking that Tom and I had recently celebrated our anniversary. I just meant that we'd been together for a year, not married, but the hotel took it very seriously and when we got back to our room after dinner, we found this...

 photo DSC024882_zpsbaf22c51.jpg


But also hahahahahahahahahahahaaa!

 photo DSC025112_zpsa95725a5.jpg

There was another buffet at breakfast, so we made the most of it being our last day and followed the precedent we set the previous evening (three plates each again).

 photo DSC025432_zpsa8ca8a6c.jpg

 photo DSC025452_zps360481aa.jpg

 photo DSC025492_zpse727acce.jpg

And attempted to make ourselves feel better about it with a dip in the pool.

 photo DSC025772_zps71aba33b.jpg

 photo DSC025912_zps2fd95d13.jpg

 photo DSC025932_zpsa0f3dda9.jpg

And then it was time to leave, wah!

We left happy and content though, since Borneo had given us everything we'd hoped for and more (plus I consoled myself by watching The Lego Movie again on the plane home).

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